Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Birthday Season Keeps On Going

Just as we thought it might be safe to venture out without being accosted by celebrants-to-be, Mrs The Millbrooker and I were accosted by just such people. As a result we found ourselves partaking of a slightly higher than advisable quotient of libations.

On top of that, we received an invitation to join in the celebrations on the day itself. Which was yesterday. Diet be damned. Again.

So whose once a year day was being marked by a slap up curry and pint(s) night at everyone's favourite Millbrook watering hole?

Here's a clue  - ok, less of a clue more of a dead giveaway:
Yes, indeed, the Leaderene has passed another year and, if my mental arithmetic is correct has reached the grand old age of seven. (I've explained this method before, so if you don't understand what on earth I'm talking about the last explanation can be found here).

I base this mental arithmetic on the fact that we were in attendance two years ago when she was five. No fooling me once I get going, you know.

It was a very classy do featuring the jewels in the crown of Millbrook society: Sharon, Sharon and Tracy (or Sharr, Shazzer and Tray as they prefer not to be called).
Also enjoying themselves in inimitable fashion were the Village Vamp (right of shot) and her apprentice the Vampette (left), seen here plotting all sorts of womanly wiles.
And here's a face not seen for a long time on these pages. Indeed, not since January has Dennis graced the Daily(ish) Millbrook - see his debut appearance here, go on you know you want to.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I had a rare old time talking nonsense with Dennis and Sharon, and this time I hadn't (and I quote myself) "sunk enough to pole axe an elephant" and what is more, Dennis is resolutely in focus. Or at least more so than last time.
Dennis might not recall this but he was brave (daft?) enough to suggest that he wasn't completely against the idea of taking up the morris - I reckon he'll look great in black and gold tatters and wielding a large stick. Should you come across Dennis in your travels be sure to encourage these thoughts; he's bound to thank you profusely for your support.

Well, I think that's probably quite enough of me wittering on about very little, so it only remains to wish the Leaderene a very happy birthday for yesterday and to say thank you for inviting us along.

Altogether now:

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday, dear Leaderene
Happy Birthday to Yooooooooouu.

Just an afterthought.
Is it just me or does singing "dear Leaderene" make her sound like Kim Jong Il?

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