Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mr Ducky's Holiday

I've been informed that certain readers are anxiously awaiting news of Mr Ducky's second holiday to Brittany. This anxiety might be construed as symptomatic of lacking a life, or possibly not having enough to do at work...however, as I always like to please my public...

Long standing readers might recall that Mr Ducky lives on the shelf in Shazzerooneypoos' bathroom. Back in December he leapt from the shelf into my pocket in a bid for freedom and spent a happy week in Trebrivan in the snow. If you want to catch up on that story, it's here.

There was no need for subterfuge this time, though, Auntie Sharon brought Mr Ducky along for a second stay in his favourite French village.

Mr Ducky enjoyed a trip to Lac de Guerledan and Dong's favourite bar in all of Brittany, Le Merlin.
Unfortunately Auntie Sharon was rubbish at remembering to take Mr Ducky out of her bag, so he didn't get to see much of the lovely walk around Huelgoat that we all did. This made Mr Ducky a bit sulky, so he asked me to publish a photo that demonstrates Shazzerooneypoos' little short legs as a form of Duck-like revenge. 
On Bastille Day, Mr Ducky enjoyed trying the traditional merguez and baguette at Mael-Carhaix before the firework display.
He enjoyed the fireworks, too. As, indeed, did the rest of the party.
Sadly, Mr Ducky remained in the confined of Shazzerooneypoos' bag when we visited the Ile de Batz. He probably would have liked it lots.
Can you spot the double act in the shot above, boys and girls?

And then it was time for Dong and Shazzerooneypoos to go home. Mr Ducky waved them bye-bye as they headed off in the early morning for Roscoff and the ferry back to Blighty.
After that Mr Ducky went all over the place and had lots of adventures.

He liked going out walking, especially if there was water involved.
He asked the baby Jesus why there aren't any ducks in the story about the being born in a stable. "After all, ducks are just as important as cows and asses and there was probably a pond nearby", he told the infant deity.
One should always try new things on holiday, so Mr Ducky thought he'd have a go at perching in a fir tree - just like a blue tit. He was pleased that he'd done it, but probably wouldn't repeat the experience as the pine needles were a bit uncomfy on his bottom.
No, he was much happier close to some water. So happy that he tried to stay at this spot permanently by leaping off his perch into an almost irrecoverable position. Luckily Mrs The Millbrooker and I were able to retrieve him from his almost-last-resting-place.
Oh yes, there were so many adventures to be had.

Mr Ducky celebrated Jean-Luc's birthday with a nice glass of wine.
He had a lovely swim in a woodland stream.
He helped to collect firewood.
And, of course, Mr Ducky enjoyed the beautiful Breton countryside.
Ah yes - Mr Ducky seems to be becoming a seasoned traveller these days. I wonder where he might go next...

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Judith said...

New Zealand is nice in the springtime. Mr Ducky would like it. But I should avoid coming here while the Rugby Cup madness is on.