Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Of Sisters and Big Red Things

Well, that was a busy weekend - a visit from the Millbooker-Sis and squeeze, combined with our lovely neighbour Gay's 80th birthday party. And there was a  big red thing on show during the Sunday as well.

So, let's begin at the very beginning.

Sis and Graham - previously referred to as "squeeze" above (Graham doesn't have a blog-name yet, but it will happen, oh yes it will) - arrived in time for a cuppa and some lunch on Saturday and a slopping of brocolli and stilton soup was laid before them on what we like to think of as the terrace.
After a gentle afternoon of pootling around Kingsand and Cawsand; pootling which might have included a cheeky pint, it was time to celebrate Gay's coming of age at the garden party of the year in Millbrook. 

Rather than bore you with a blow-by-blow account of the magnificent and delicious souvlaki and salad spread which accompanied the generously slooshed vino-mucho-collapso, here are a small selection of photos that seem to describe the event well enough for the casual observer.
I'm sure it will suffice ot say that a jolly fine time was had by all and a huge thank you is in order to Gay and her family for hosting us so well and for allowing a duo of extra guests into their gathering at short notice (that'll be the MIllbrooker-Sis and Graham, then).

And so - Sunday was upon us and it was time for Graham to display his large red thing which, I am given to believe he polished especially for the occasion. I understand that this involves lots of elbow movement in rapid back-and-forth motion accompanied by the occasional grunting noise.

Anyway, this is the result of such efforts.
Ah yes - Graham was showing off his pride and joy at the Mt Edgcumbe classic car show. Quite a lot of people have asked me what sort of car Graham has. I should admit that I know two things about cars - I know nothing and I know bugger all (phraseology courtesy of Mike Harding). Consequently the best I can do for you is "it's a red one". I do know, however, that it's a Jaguar something-or-other and that they didn't make many of them in this colour. That makes it very special indeed. Oh yes it does.

We left Graham to the arduous task of standing next to his motor and headed off for a wander around the rest of the site. A tad unexpectedly, the weather was being very kind to us.
And then, all of a sudden, the weather wasn't being so kind to us after all.
There was, surely only one sensible thing to do: leave Graham sheltering inside his big red thing and abandon all thoughts of an ice-cream.

Eventually we took shelter in the Edgcumbe Arms (you're not remotely surprised at that turn of events, are you?) It was therein that we met up with Dong and Shazzerooneypoos and from there that we made our way to the Mark of Friendship for a freshener before heading off in our separate directions to prepare for an evening get together at the D&C.
And so - the (almost) finale of this fascinating tale - the evening gathering.....once again, I feel that much of my word-smithery is superfluous to your understanding of the event. So here are some photos.
The only thing left, after a cup of coffee the following morning during which the Dragon Lord and the Sex God (apparently) chewed the fat a little more...
...was to wave cheerio as the Millbrooker-Sis and her beau made their exit from everyone's favourite Cornish village, their bottoms mere inches from the road in Graham's big red thing.
Au revoir, Sis and Graham - hope we'll see you again soon.

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