Friday, August 19, 2011

Wizzers and Seth

We've been playing host to the Wizzers of Soz the last few days; she's just completed her course to become a fully qualified personal trainer and landed her first job within that sweaty, lycra-clad world. We say bloomin' well done, Wizzers.
During her all-too-brief sojourn in Cornwall's Forgotten Corner, we managed a decent stroll through Wiggle and around Rame Barton to see the famous Staniforth Wolves.
There was also the small matter of the British Firework Championship held on Plymouth Sound. I didn't get a single decent photo this year, so we'll have to enjoy this shot of the Wizzers of Soz sitting above the folly at Mt Edgcumbe to view the displays.
I'll allow myself the indulgence of this firework shot as well, even though it's rather fuzzy, it's the best of a poor bunch. This was taken just as the dreadful plastic tub the Armorique of the Brittany Ferries fleet was coming into harbour.
And so to yesterday when we graced the Barbican with our presence and enjoyed a decent meal and bottle of pink stuff at the Blues Bar (I'd eat there again, thanks for asking). The Wizzers of Soz also enjoyed a prolonged ogle at the barman/waiter who had a very nice posterior, apparently.
For the curious among you....the barman's backside, which I've helpfully indicated with a large arrow to avoid confusion.
And so to the last treat of the day, and an entirely unexpected one it was too.

We had an hour or so to kill before Wizzers had to catch her train back to Southampton so we treated ourselves to an ice cream, kindly sponsored by Wizzers herself...
...and chanced upon some live music on a temporary stage by Mayflower Steps.

"That sounds like Seth Lakeman," said Mrs The Millbrooker.

There wasa good reason for that. It was, indeed, multi-award winning, best-selling folkie Mr Lakeman himself giving a free and seemingly unadvertised concert as part of the Fastnet Race celebrations.
Now, I do understand that some people have never heard of Seth Lakeman. Fair enough. So, to enlighten those poor souls, here's a link to his official website and a YouTube video of, arguably, his best known song and certainly his first hit - Kitty Jay.

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