Sunday, September 25, 2011

Les Chevaliers Se Sont Mariés

Everybody's favourite Steeleye Span and Gigspanner fiddle player had a very special day on Friday just gone.

At the grand young age of his early-to-middle sixties, our old friend Peter Knight has jumped the broomstick with his lovely partner Debs here on the Rame Peninsula before heading back homeward to their French hideaway abode.
Mrs The Millbrooker and I were very pleased to be invited to enjoy a drink or three after the formal bits had been completed and the newly-weds also kindly invited Dong and Shazzerooneypoos to the Edgcumbe Arms to represent the Millbrook glitterati.
Blog readers will, of course, know that many of the characters who keep popping up in the important stories that I like to publish to an aghast world are not known by their earthly monikers, but instead have what we refer to as "blog names". Because that's what they are.

Until this very day Debs had simply always been referred to as "Debs" - fair enough, it's what she's called. But, as these things so often happen, her blog name sprang from her own lips. From this day forward, dear brethren, our heroine of the French countryside and the English fiddle shall be known as Maurice.
I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing the happy couple of Pierre and Maurice Chevalier (work it out for yourselves) a long and happy life together. Tres bien, Pierre et Maurice, et merci pour l'invitation.

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