Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Romanian Disappointment (Probably)

I'm going to do this for little other reason than it gives me the excuse to republish a very silly photo.

Some readers will know that I occasionally like to peruse the results of the Millbrook Hit Counter, just to see how people are finding my seemingly never-ending stream of drivel.

I'm delighted to say I had a hit from Romania today from someone who searched Google images for, and I quote, "Căutaţi după". I fear the eastern European seeker after images might have suffered a grave disappointment to be treated to the delightful image of my old mate and a pair of courgette-pumpkins which I had newly plucked from the garden.

For, dear friends, those Romanian words translate (according to Mr Google) as "Anal Balls". I somehow suspect, and fervently hope, that our former Soviet bloc dwelling friend failed to get his rocks off to his search result......

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