Thursday, September 01, 2011

Looe Dancing. Or What a Weekend Volume 2.

As threatened, the story of last weekend continues herewith...

Saturday was Plymouth Morris Men's Day of Dance in Looe; luckily Anal and Sandybum enjoy a spot of morris and, indeed, came to the same event last September.

So, bright(ish) and frighteningly early (ok, around 9 o'clock) we were all at Liskeard station to catch the little train down the Looe Valley Line.
And then, just like it said on the tin, a day of dance ensued.
But this was a day of dance with a new variation - someone who had never played or danced the morris before had a tatters jacket thrust over his shoulders and a guitar plonked into his mitts. Yes, indeed, Anal (who is a far better guitarist than yours truly) made his morris-man debut on the Crab Quay at Looe Harbour.
There another highlight - a fellow who calls himself Cookie was in temporary residence at one of the harbourside shops. Cookie is the principal artist who designs cartoons on Weird Fish brand tee-shirts and sweat-shirts. He was doing a promotional offer and would design and airbrush a tee-shirt for £25. Well, £25 is harder to come by these days than it used to be, but Wrichard Wrecker (hereinafter known as Wreckerbox) and I got the go ahead from our lovely ladies (or Keepers of the Privy Purse as they like to be known)....
How cool is that? Readers might not be aware that I'm known as "Knocker" within the Wrecking community, but I am.

And then, after missing the train we were meant to be on, it was time to head homeward for a chance to see some wonderful local art works, but that will have to be a story for another time.

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