Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rosie and Zoe: Great Art Close to Home

As mentioned on the last posting, Mrs The Millbrooker and I had an appointment to view some local art on Saturday.

To make us sound even posher, we had an invitation to a private viewing at Kingsand Institute to the opening of the exhibition of new work "inspired by Fosse Quay" by Rosie French and Zoe Clarke.

Rosie and Zoe work separately but in close collaboration and their recent pieces mainly work in abstract drawn from their observations at Fosse Quay near to Millbrook.

This is Rosie with the largest of her works in the exhibition: Blue Shed. I loved this one and only wish I could find the purchase price somewhere in the Millbrooker Towers' coffers.
And, here's Zoe next to her largest exhibited work , the name of which escapes me but is inspired by an oil drum with deep rust marks (another piece that I loved......wistful sigh in the direction of bank account......). Zoe also exhibited some wonderful photographs.
And all this creativity in the glorious surroundings of Kingsand's landmark Institute building.
We met our artist friends on the balcony.
And, just in case the talent on show was insufficient, Zoe treated us to some delightful music alongside Terry on the guitar.
What a great example this was of the huge talent pool that we're lucky enough to enjoy here on the Rame Peninsula - we have artists like Rosie and Zoe producing outstanding and mature work, we have numerous very skilled and creative musicians, we have trained and talented actors. Why isn't this area a world famous centre for the arts?

Now, dear readers throughout the world, apart from being a Facebook friend of Zoe's I have no publishable contact details for these two artists, but should anyone wish to find out more about their work, please leave me a comment with some way of getting in touch with you and I'll happily pass it on to Rosie and/or Zoe. If you'd prefer not to have your comment actually published, just say so in its text and it won't appear on the world wide web.

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