Thursday, October 20, 2011

Film Club Presents

Here we go again ... has done its stuff and this weeks' presentation is safely harboured within Millbrooker Towers awaiting the arrival of the weekly(ish) film clubbers.

This week in the usual place and at the usual time, we'll be transported back in time and flown halfway around the world to see the film which was remade by Hollywood to become one of the best known and best loved westerns of all time.

I'm sure everyone has seen the wonderful Magnificent Seven.

I'm less certain that everyone has seen the original work from which it was more-or-less copied ...
 ... yes indeed, this week we get to enjoy (or otherwise) Akira Kurisowa's 1954 storytelling of the Wild East with its fighters for hire and their protection of a small peasant village: The Seven Samurai.

It's a LONG film, guys, weighing in at 207 minutes - so a prompt start will be a good thing.

Hope to see all the usual suspects on Sunday.

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