Saturday, October 22, 2011

Film Club Update

Almost everything about the post immediately below is correct. One thing, however, is not.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I watched Seven Samurai last night having decided between us that a 207 minute film in Japanese might be a bit too much on a Sunday night with the mildly inebriated horde that comprises Film Club.
If any Film Clubber wants to see it, and I seriously recommend it, the DVD is available for overnight loan today or tomorrow but must be sent back on Tuesday at the latest. It's a wonderful piece of work and the "video essay" in the DVD extras, which we watched before the main feature, helped to make a lot of the action more comprehensible and enjoyable

So - we're not entirely sure what we'll be watching tomorrow night, although Tarantino has been mentioned a lot recently and there are several other potential treats in the Millbrooker Towers' DVD library.

Hope to see all the usual suspects at the usual time and in the usual place.

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