Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jackie Leven

I first heard the great Jackie Leven's beautiful, mellifluous vocals sometime back in another life.

I was bumbling around in a then new record/CD shop in Bath and tried a couple of CDs that were on their listening posts. After only a few bars of listening to Jackie's Forbidden Songs of the Dying West, I was well and truly hooked and a copy was duly paid for and almost worn out on the old gramophone. I since got my mitts on three other albums, a paltry percentage of the 30-odd solo efforts that he released (Fairy Tales for Hard Men, The Argyll Cycle Vol 1 and Defending Ancient Springs - thanks for asking).

Mrs The Millbrooker and I played some of the Forbidden Songs album on our wedding day and have been known to perform an impromptu two-part harmony version of the country-tinged song Lammermuir Hills from it at pub sessions.

So Jackie's been a bit special in my life and I was very saddened to learn of his death at the very young age of 61 during the last week. I'd always harboured a hope of seeing him play - 'twas not to be, but there's always the music and that beautiful, beautiful voice.

These two songs, segued together are from that Forbidden Songs of the Dying West album, "Ancient Misty Morning and Leaves are Turning Yellow". Enjoy, and think good thoughts.

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