Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Legendary Cornishman

After a couple of years of really trying to play guitar properly, and with the seemingly endless patience of Mrs The Millbrooker (whose ears are frequently assaulted by bum notes and pleas for help in working out chord structures), I've reached the point of trying to actually write a song or two.

I've adapted a couple of morris tunes (look, writing my own melodies is still a bit beyond me yet), given them my own original lyrics and now perform them frequently in the comfort of the Millbrooker Towers' sitting room. One day, they'll make a public appearance - I think they're just about at the acceptable level of songwriting not to embarrass me overmuch in front of an audience.

Whilst I was walking homeward yesterday and idea popped into my head for another set of lyrics (a chorus line at least) using a very well known piece of music indeed; I would therefore like to thank that legendary Cornishman . . . 
 . . . Ludwig Van Beethoven for his very kind posthumous permission to use the famed theme taken from the 5th movement of the wonderful 6th symphony "The Pastoral" as the melody for the refrain of the song I'm plonking away at over this weekend. I was quite proud of myself for working out a simple chord structure to accompany the vocal taking the melody. One day I might even be a bit musical - huzzah!

I'd also like to thank the copyright rules that mean the great man's work is available without royalties.

Now - I need some verses . . . onward we go.

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