Sunday, January 29, 2012

Entertaining in a Building Site

It's not much of a secret that Mrs The Millbrooker and I live in a building site, a house in a perpetual state of Being Done Up.

Long time readers might remember that our living room was being converted into a new kitchen with the work starting early last spring. For many reasons, not least the very sad demise of Graham our builder halfway through the works, work is still ongoing.

The new (Georgian sash) front window is in and we're awaiting some custom made shutters. The plastering is done. And the floors are half done - sanding and varnishing still to do.

So - how to entertain in such a space?
Well, we managed something of a Heath Robinson affair last night for a meal with Grandma-Dong-the-Legend (don't ask) and Shazzerooneypoos.

Hmm - a nicely set up dining table amid the plaster-pink walls. But wait - what sort of a dining table has legs like that?
Yep, a plastic patio table hauled in to do service until we have something a little more solid available.

And, what a nice little side table for the wine rack - sitting in the soon-to-be-filled-with-range-cooker chimney breast niche. . .
. . .or perhaps it's just a pile of coloured ceramic tiles plonked there out of the way until it's time to stick them to worktops and use them as splashbacks. Ah yes, so it is.
One day - perhaps even one day this year - we'll be able to entertain in the same space  but with proper furniture and some paint on the walls. That'd be nice.

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