Saturday, January 14, 2012

An Exciting Parcel

It was 18 months ago, or very close to that figure, that the High Lord of Southwick encouraged my attempts at music making by sending me a wonderful present.

On Thursday of this week, I was the lucky recipient of another very exciting parcel that was heaved into Millbrooker Towers. This time it was a present to myself. I don't do this sort of thing very often, but it was a case of both lustful desire and logistical necessity.
It weighs in at around 36lb (that's just under 16.5 kilos, metric fans) and with a modicum of difficulty and no minor danger to the lumbar region, I eased it from its cardboard encasement.
Isn't she beautiful? For the nerds amongst us, she's a "Line 6 Spider IV 75 modeling amplifier". For everyone else she's a bloomin' loud bugger that makes lots and lots of wondrous noises when you plug a guitar into it.

I had great fun last night playing with the various knobs and the LCD displayed presets - making my guitar sound like David Gilmour's on Comfortably Numb was hugely amusing. Unfortunately I can't play like David Gilmour so the guitar sounded right, but the playing certainly didn't. Not to mention that I play an acoustic with a single bridge pick-up and Mr G plays a very expensive Stratocaster with umpteen pick-ups and a tremolo arm and has his sound controlled by a small army of technicians.
So why the "logistical necessity?" I hear the question being whispered from the peanut gallery.

It's because, after a gap of 17 (count 'em) years, I'm in a band again. And my debut will be in only a week and bit's time at Torpoint Council Hall (ok, it's not quite the Albert Hall, but we've all got to begin-again somewhere).

For those interested in such things the band is currently (but probably not for much longer) called the Lords of Misrule and we're aimed squarely at the ceilidh market. Anyone unsure what a ceilidh is - firstly you need to get out more often, secondly it's important to know that it's not a spectator sport, thirdly watch this video to see the Committee Band entertaining at just such an event.

'Tis no accident that I chose the Committee Band for the example - their former bassist is now with us lot and a fine musician he is too - worth the entrance money on his own, I'd say.

So if you or someone you know is thinking of holding a ceilidh, or thinks they might suffer from such an affliction, I am in the happy position of being able to recommend a fine bunch of people who will be happy to entertain you and yours in return for a very reasonable handful of your English pounds (or a small barrowful of euros).

The Lords of Misrule 
(name change pending - watch this space)
ceilidh band
available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, garden parties, funerals, envelope openings...

please email
or leave a comment on this blog

more self-serving advertising of this nature to follow soon.

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