Thursday, January 19, 2012

Goodbye Guardian We Must (Sort Of) Leave You

I've been a Guardian reader for well over 20 years. I've heard it said that it's possible to spot a Guardian reader at a hundred paces (probably from the muesli particles stuck in their beards and the lace-up leather sandals), and perhaps I fit the stereotype. Perhaps not, I'll leave such things to you good people in the cheap seats.

I've lived through the re-formatting disturbances when the paper changed from broadsheet to "Berliner" format; I tried to leave for while but the delights of Steve Bell lured me back.

But today marks a landmark in Guardian reading within Millbrooker Towers. Today is the last day we shall have a printed copy of the left-liberal rag of choice for earnest leftists from our subscription.

The subscription ends today and we've not renewed it. That's a bit sad, I guess, but it's also part of how the world is moving on. I listened to Alan Rusbridger (Guardian editor) on the radio only yesterday describing how the paper was trying keep up with both technological and political changes - the man spoke a deal of sense.

I still get the Guardian every day, delivered to wherever I am in the world in the early hours of the morning, missing only the Steve Bell cartoon (a sad omission which I hope the powers that be will rectify soon). 

Now I get the news analysis that I enjoy (or get spittingly angry at, sometimes both) on my much-loved Kindle upon which I can actually read the articles without recourse to magnifying glass and exceedingly bright lighting. Huzzah!
In case anyone was wondering about the trailer above the headline on the front page shown at the top of this posting - "Is Andy Murray ready to win Wimbledon?" - the answer then was a resounding "no". The answer is likely to remain the same for some time in my 'umble. And if he is - who cares? Let's be honest, it's only his mum who actually likes him.

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