Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ceilidh Time

Still no shots of the Lords of Misrule in its current incarnation, so we'll have a generic ceilidh photo instead.
This is one of those shameless self-promotional posts that I warned about not long ago.

Should you be anywhere near South East Cornwall on Saturday next, might I recommend spending a pifflingly tiny seven of your English pounds at the door to gain entry into Wilcove's fine village hall for an evening of music, dancing and some bits of singing as well.

I'll be there attempting to hit the right chords in roughly the right order, as will Wrichard Wrecker on his melodeon, PaulPaul on his fiddle, Tony with his five-string bass, Fran on her drum box and Max will be a-mingling with the dancers (that's you lot - it ain't a spectator sport) calling the moves through her radio mike.

Rumours that the non-existent dress code is being even further relaxed are being investigated, but are probably not true.

Saturday 11 Feb
Wilcove Village Hall
Cornwall's Lords of Misrule
7:30 start (I think)

ceilidh photo shamelessly nicked from Nine Points of Roguery.
naked ceilidh photo very shamelessly nicked from Living Edinburgh, image by DADA Devine.

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