Sunday, February 05, 2012

Shazzerooneypoos is Smutty

Mrs The Millbrooker and I were sitting quietly, engaged in a spot of reading and some odd bits of conversation (occasionally very odd) across the warmth of the log burner on Friday evening; nothing out of the ordinary - just a gentle evening similar to that of a myriad married couples the world over.

But a myriad married couples the world over don't necessarily have an excitable Shazzerooneypoos of a friend who might ring them up at any moment with some momentous news.

And momentous news it was too that broke through our cosy reverie down the phone line from across the Millbrook Lake.

Our very small but eminently excitable chum had, without telling anyone, applied for a jump upwards in rank at her place of work and had got the job. This means that Little Lush Lewis is now officially part of, and I quote the vertically challenged Cornish maid, the "SMT".

Shazzerooneypoos has tried to tell me that this stands for "senior management team". Whereas, it's obvious to anyone who reads that it's simply an abbreviation of "smut"; the type of abbreviation that civil service offices throughout the land are very fond of, I might tell you.

And so, we in Millbrook are very proud to be associated with the newly smutty Auntie Sharon.

A celebratory dinner was hastily almost arranged (nobody was quite sure what was happening right up until ordering the food time). And where else could such an event occur than everybody's favourite watering hole, the D&C? Here is three quarters of the merry throng about to toast Shazzerooneypoos' achievement with Russell's finest ales and a jolly good plateful of nosh.
Such occasions, of course, also call for at least one outrageously calorific pudding. And this was no exception.
We celebrated long into the night back at the smutty one's place, but no photos exist of that part of the evening. Probably a good thing.

I'm sure everyone will join me in congratulating Shazzerooneypoos on her hard won promotion. Well done Auntie Sharon - we're all enormously pleased for you.

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