Sunday, February 05, 2012

Dong's Delight

Let us cast our minds back a short while.

'Twas twelfth night (ish) when Cousin Dave last made an appearance in Millbrook. Before he left he deposited a small gift with us so that we could present it to Grandma-Dong-The-Legend at the earliest opportunity.

That opportunity turned out to be a couple of weeks later when the Dongmeister and Shazzerooneypoos dropped around for a few drinks one evening.

And so - here is the delighted Dongikins proudly displaying his newly acquired treasure trove of information, courtesy of Cousin Dave.
Ah yes, long time readers will, I'm sure, remember that Dong is a railway and steam enthusiast of the first order.

It is probably also moderately well known that Cousin Dave is not. This disparity of interests has led to some fascinating discussions which have been known to lead to Cousin Dave banging his head on the table in a vain attempt to achieve unconsciousness before dropping dead of boredom as Dong explains the very exciting characteristics of a 2-2-2 steam locomotive wheel arrangement as opposed to a 2-2-4, as an example.

And so Cousin Dave's gift was, I feel, not only apt but a most generous gesture.

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