Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A New Website is Born

Ladies and Germs - I'm proud to present a newly formed site what I (mostly) made up in order to promote the services of a certain wonderfully talented collection of people.

So, in a flagrant piece of self-promotion and a mildly discomfiting bout of begging for business - should any readers have an event (be it a wedding, family gathering, fund-raising "do" or anything else that your wild imaginations can conjure up) at which a ceilidh band might be of assistance, everything you need to know is right here:

One or two of the new site's pages are as yet incomplete (we haven't got any recordings yet - watch this space; we haven't got any videos yet- ditto).

But all you need to know and probably more than you really wanted to know is right there on that link:

Please keep us in mind, we're in this for the long haul and can take bookings a long way ahead - we're already booked for dates up to and including early October, but there are still some available weekends and we're quite happy to book further ahead (details are on the site).

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