Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Touch of the Dylan Thomases

Ladies and germs, I think this might well be the last of my musings on these pages. I reserve the right to return at some point of course, but I've got to feeling that the Millbrooker thing, alongside its attendant burblings, has reached a point where it's said and done everything within its own format.

Over the last few weeks I've found it nigh on impossible to come up with anything that I want to witter on about. So, after five and half years, this is (almost undoubtedly) the last curtain call. As Grandma Dong the Legend once so eloquently put it, although I think I paraphrase slightly - "everything has its time, and when that time is over it's best to leave it behind."

In the words of the late great Dylan Thomas: "Somebody is boring me. I think it's me." And when it gets there it's time to gracefully withdraw.

So long and thanks for reading the nonsense for all those years.


I'll leave these pages live for the moment, but assuming I don't return to blogging here I'll take them down towards the end of the year.


Mrs TheMillbrooker said...

Sad now.

Judith said...

I'll miss your burblings but I'll keep up with you on Facebook. I must admit it's getting harder to keep up my blog, too.

Frankenkeith said...

Shame - it has been a good period reading your blog. Now I will have to leave the house to find out what is going on.
I am sure you will take another quote from Dylan Thomas and "not go gentle into that goodnight"
see you soon

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear that Joshua x at least we still have you around in person eh

Judith said...

PS: please don't take your blog down in too much of a hurry!