Saturday, April 21, 2012

Second Thoughts

I'm utterly overwhelmed by the number of responses that I've had to my (intended literally) last post.

I truly wasn't fishing for sympathy, compliments or anything else. . . but quite a few things  that people have written have been rather touching and have made me think twice about my decision to end it all on these pages.

Thank you to everyone who's sent messages expressing varying degrees of disappointment or chagrin that I was about to cease being The Millbrooker. I really didn't know so many read so regularly - yes, of course, I can see the site meter stats but I don't see that the numbers checking into the pages are regular readers.

I think receiving so many messages have made me realise that I'll miss doing this, this complete rubbish which has become a small part of who I am, for want of a better phrase.

So - at great risk of being thought a daft old git (no change there, then) - I'm amending what I wrote a couple of days ago - I'm just going to give myself a bit of time off. I'm going to recharge the batteries, regain my enthusiasm for scribbling utter piffle and restart blogging in a few weeks. I really do need a bit of time away from this - I've run out of steam (as might have been obvious from some of the more recent postings).

Those of you who subscribe by whatever method - please keep me on your lists, I'll be back. Don't know exactly when but more nonsense will appear here all in good time.

So, I won't "goodbye", let's make it "see you later".



john helsby said...

marvelleous bravo

Anonymous said...

Hi Millbrooker,

I always loved your blog. When's it coming back?