Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion (Volume 422)

Facebook friends will have seen it all before - but those of you in the wider world are, to date, unapprised of the existence of the Hamoaze Band - but you are about to become apprised.

Mrs The Millbrooker, Wrichard Wrecker and yours truly have banded together to form our wee folk trio with the aim of bringing joy to your hearts and a nice, faintly fuzzy, feeling to your nether regions. And to make a penny or two playing on the local (and not so local, if they'll have us) pub/club/party circuit.

As yet we don't have any recorded material (watch this space for shameless self promotion volume 423 or higher), but plans are afoot.

We've just set up our Facebook page, which is "public", and we'd appreciate any "likes" readers might deign to give us - it all helps in starting out. If you do "like" us on FB, it means you'll be kept updated about our events and goings-on and also you'll feel all warm and nice inside. Or something.

Please follow this link: The Hamoaze Band on Facebook.

In the meantime there are the latest scheduled live appearances:

Sat 20th October
Crafthole Village Hall
2 x 20 minute sets between sets by the Looe Valley Singers choir.
7:30pm start
don't know if there's a charge to get in or a collection
during the evening - in aid of something or other quite worthy.

Sat Nov 17th
Devon & Cornwall Inn, Millbrook
starting from 9pm
pub gig - 2 sets, buy a beer, listen to the music.

Sun Jan 13th 2013
Cross Keys Inn, Cawsand
starting 4:30pm
pub gig - 2 sets, due to finish up around 6:30pm

There are rumours of a date or possibly two in December in and around Duloe.

Here endeth the brazen advertisement.

And not forgetting there's the Lords of Misrule ceilidh band as well........

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