Tuesday, October 02, 2012

And Today's Task Will Be...

That is to say, today's task apart from the usual getting myself to work and earning a crust by counting First Great Western's money whilst cackling maniacally to myself and rubbing my hands together in a gesture reminiscent of the little-known love-child of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Uriah Heep.

Indeed, as I'm on a late shift today, I have a couple of hours to pootle about and tell myself off for the lack of productivity in times such as these.

So - I hereby resolve to get something sorted that has been waiting to be sorted for more weeks than is polite to mention.
The rather lovely Washburn guitar that the High Lord of Southwick very kindly gifted to me a couple of years back is to be revamped. I don't propose to do the job myself - it's way beyond my skill set.

The sharper-eyed amongst you might have noticed in the photo above that the thing has no strings on it. This makes it much more difficult to get a decent tune out of it; but this is not the task which I have set for myself - oh no. I'm perfectly capable of re-stringing a git.

Nope, a long long time ago I bought one of these:

I thought it would be a simple five minute job to plonk it into the hole it's supposed to fit into. That's this one.
Oh! But how wrong I was. Fitting the electrical bits all through the innards of the soundbox and getting the jack input to protrude correctly from the end pin ..... well beyond me, guv'nor.

And so this very afternoon, I shall pay a visit to Millbrook and Maker's own far-famed and hugely skilled luthier, Kit of Kit's Guitars. And lo! he shall transform my stringless Washburn into an electric pick-up equipped instrument of wonderment and I shall be able to re-string it and all will be well with the world again. Huzzah!

It's an exciting life here in Millbrook you know.

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Mrs TheMillbrooker said...

That'll be Ebenezer Scrooge, then! Post-publication proofreading a speciality...