Friday, October 05, 2012

Shiny and New

Shiny and New aren't words that we'd always associate with our own dear Cremyll Ferry

"Lived In", or "comfy", or "friendly"; all of those might be used. But not normally "shiny" and never in my experience "new". And my experience as a frequent Cremyll Ferry passenger, whilst not vast, is probably sufficient for these few paragraphs of drivel.

As with all rules, there is an exception and Thursday just gone provided that very thing.

The much-loved Northern Belle. . .
. . . which normally gently transports us commuters and assorted day-trippers across the lower reaches of the Hamoaze is on holiday and enjoying a well earned bit of pampering and tarting up.

This almost always means we get to pobble over the water aboard the Tamar Belle instead. I quite like the Tamar Belle as well, but I believe this isn't a universally shared sentiment. The crew call her all sorts of names. Shame.
But only yesterday morning the very badly behaved Tamar Belle decided she wasn't going to work at all.

So for a very few journeys only, we passengers were treated to a ride on the Silver Crest, borrowed from the very nice victualling yard people who operate out of the Royal William Yard on the English side of the water. The Silver Crest is decidedly shiny and new. With nice comfy-bum seats on the forward deck affording a decent view during the short crossing.
Upon landing, Deck Hand Max managed to work out what was where and found the side gate relatively quickly.

In fact it was probably a very good thing that Max was working that day as he was feeling all shiny and new himself after enjoying a manicure and pedicure the previous day. His colleague Chris was sworn to secrecy and wasn't supposed to tell anyone in case Max got a bit of a ribbing. So of course Chris didn't tell a soul. Not even me. Oh no.

Max welcomes comments and questions about having lovely soft hands and perfectly done nails should you happen across him in Millbrook. Or, indeed, on the Cremyll Ferry.

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