Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Pausing for More Thinking

Last week was taken up with dragging my increasingly protesting body out of bed at the very crack of sparrow-fart, clambering into a taxi at the BBC's expense and spending half an hour or so slurping BBC instant coffee.

Then I got to deliver a 90 second piece live as BBC Radio Devon's daily "Pause for Thought".

As a consequence, this blog has been a bit neglected because I've been doing that, then heading out for a full day's work on the railway. Knackered almost describes it.

Anyway, here are the remaining four "thoughts" from Tues, Weds, Thurs and Fri of last week (Monday's is a post or so below this one, just scroll down). I also recorded a "thought" for both Saturday and Sunday, but at the time of writing the recordings haven't been made available for re-posting.

Enjoy, or not, according to taste....

Tuesday's thought, followed in order by Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's:

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