Sunday, October 28, 2012

Out and About

Living the dangerous, rock'n'roll lifestyle that we do, Mrs The Millbrooker and I indulged in riotous behaviour yesterday by pulling on our walking boots and taking a gentle pootle around our lovely little haven from reality.

We intended to do what we'd optimistically dubbed a "training walk" for the mountainous endeavours to come in June of next year. By the time we actually got around to going out, pootling was more or less all we fancied doing, so that's what we did.

So, in the absence of any great news to pass on - here's a few photos of Millbrook and the Rame Peninsula to remind us that we live in a damned fine spot.

Fosse Quay from the Hamoaze end of Hancock's Creek.

The Grayhound Lugger, moored just below the dam.

Fosse Quay (again) from Maker Lane (photo by Mrs the Millbrooker)

Maker Lane is also a very useful spot for playing at being a helicopter,
but we don't know anyone silly enough to do such a thing with their white cane.

At the top of Maker Lane, of course, is the far-famed view.

We allowed ourselves a brief view over Cawsand Bay from above Grenville Battery. . .

. . . before heading back Millbrook-wards past Dame Sandy of Florrick's happy-meat farm.

Just as the light was failing, we intrepid pair found ourselves close to Millbrooker Towers as the moon shone over the lake. Yep, we do live a damned fine place.

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