Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Tea Time Half Century . . . and Momentous News

After an absence from these pages of several millennia Tea Time Taylor has made a couple of recent appearances, mainly through his generosity in providing lighting for ceilidhs and gigs.

And now he's going to be the star of this particular posting by virtue of having lasted on this earth of ours since 1962. In celebration, Tea Time successfully applied for the unflattering photo of the day award.

Yes, I know he looks stoned - but we can be confident he wasn't because Tea Time is the cleanest living man I know, eschewing all forms of such things; not ever touching even a drop of the old falling over juice that we enjoy so much here in Millbrooker Towers.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I were very pleased to be invited to Tea Time and jewel's bijou chateau in the cliffs at Tregonhawke to celebrate our only non-tippling friend's entry into his fifty first year of existence.

It wasn't a celebration only for Tea Time, either - no, indeed, only the day before someone had reached a similarly important age related landmark. But not quite as numerically advanced. Isla Pearl (Tea Time and Jewel's small person) was celebrating passing her first birthday.

So - a double celebration. Oh yes, it was certainly that.

But shortly after candles had been blown out in a collaborative effort from Tea Time and Isla, and after cake had been guzzled, we heard momentous tidings.

Tea Time did the tapping-a-spoon-on-a-glass thing that precedes announcements of import and eventually we all shut up and paid attention.

To cut a long story short - ladies and Germs, I am absurdly happy to present to you the newly affianced couple, Tea Time and Jewel, with the lovely Isla P.

I'm sure that all Daily(ish) Millbrook readers will join me in sending warmest congratulations to the soon(ish)-to-be-married couple. I do love a good wedding - can't wait.

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