Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hamoaze Band Live

Just very slightly over a week ago The Hamoaze Band what I am part of played at the D&C in Millbrook.

We were pleased with how it went - decent turn out, some nice comments after we'd finished. And Landlady Liz and Landlord Graham would like us back - we'll arrange another date soon, once Millbrook in general and the pub in particular have dried out a bit (see post below).

The Wizzers of Soz took her iPhone along and videoed some of the songs; it's an iPhone, not a decent camcorder, so the sound quality isn't great - but it's listenable. Some of the songs have come out better than others in terms of video quality; some will see the light of day and some won't.

This is one that will, indeed it has.

So, here we are doing one of mine - Half Tide (The Smuggling Song) - a couple of others are up on YouTube if you want to hear more (just search the word "Hamoaze" - you'll find us easily enough). Enjoy, or not - but I hope you enjoy.

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