Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wet Wet Wet

It's not all that often that Millbrook gets a mention on the national news. This is probably a good thing.

Last night and this morning, though, are exceptions as we get mentioned all over the place (including on my favourite Sunday morning listening "Broadcasting House" with Paddy O'Connell.

Millbrookians will be aware that it rained a bit last night. And all day yesterday. And quite a bit the day before. For reasons of visual impairment I didn't head out last night as the flood waters cut off the Rame Peninsula entirely and as the brook from which Millbrook gets its name turned into a vengeful beast hurtling down West Street.

But some people did and, through the magic of Facebook and shameless photo downloading, here are some shots that give some idea what was occurring. As I write (just gone midday), it's started raining again . . .

From Diamond Knight Photography a shot of Fore Street.

From an unknown source (shared on Facebook by several people)
the bar at the D&C yesterday evening with Landlady Liz making the best of things.

And some shots by Minky Camelum (one half of the legendary Camel Toe) who went out last night in Cawsand. They weren't as badly affected over the hill as we were here in Millbrook, but the shots are great.


Diamond Knight said...

Do you have an e-mail contact please?

Mrs TheMillbrooker said...

The photo of Liz behind the bar in the D&C came from Tamsin Taylor xxx

The Millbrooker said...

Hello D.K. - I do, of course, have an email address (several, in fact) but not that I'd want to put up on these pages....I'll send you a friend request on FB, you'll be able to get my details then!