Monday, January 21, 2013

Dancing for Newbies

We ladies and gentlemen of the Morris are very pleased to have newbies in our midst.

Mrs The Millbrooker, in a fit of being fed up with being a Morris widow in the summer months combined with the knowledge that it's really a lot of fun, was amongst a small number of beginners to take up the dance on Saturday just gone.

No photos exist of the four new dancers being taught the rudiments of stepping and the moves to some of our most oft performed dances. And quite right, too.

But Saturday wasn't just a beginners' day, so photos there are....we started off at the ungodly hour of nine in the a.m. from Millbrooker Towers, to pick up a lift at Antony . . .

 . . . the session itself was due to begin at ten in St Dominick's village hall.

The morning was given over to teaching the beginners; after a sumptuous lunch (who made that delicious soup?) the numbers of Wrecking folk had grown and a it was time for the new dancers to take a rest if they wanted to.....

Leslie Wrecker (closest to the camera above)  is a dancer of long standing, but she's allowed a rest too. You might note from Mrs The Millbrooker's apparel that the hall can get quite chilly if you're not throwing yourself about the floor waving a stick at people.

Wrichard Wrecker and I kept the music going with only minor bouts of boredom from playing the same thing over and over (which usually results in us deciding that the Morris should be danced to a reggae beat and then being told off by the Foreman). . . 

The afternoon session was given over to learning a couple of new dances (or, more accurately starting to learn them) and Mrs The Millbrooker took the opportunity to snap a few shots of the un-tatters-clad Wreckers doing their thing . . .

Waverley Wrecker might have noticed the camera:

Josi Wrecker (who lowers the average age of the team by a degree or seven) can look quite energetic at times:

A right-hand star such as will be performed in full regalia at a pub near you this coming summer (assuming you live somewhere near south east Cornwall):

New dancers are always welcome and another beginners' session is to be organised for a Saturday morning in the not too distant future - if you fancy coming along, that would be just dandy; we'd love to see you. Musicians of any ilk are equally welcome.

If you're interested - take a peek at for contact details, or comment on this post if you prefer.

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