Monday, January 21, 2013

Gigging in Cawsand

No, not gigging as in sitting in a gig and rowing for all you're worth.

No, indeed, that sort of activity is for worthier souls than me.

I mean gigging as in standing up in front of a few people in a pub and singing at them in the hope of approval and a few pennies from the inn keeper.

Some of you might recall my imprecations to wander over the hill to Cawsand just over a week ago.

Some people kindly did so and a jolly good time was had by all. Well, I say "all", we had a jolly good time and we think everybody else did - but it's all a matter of degree I suppose.

All of which brings me to a small selection of photos snapped by our old friend Slocombe at the Cross Keys Inn as The Hamoaze Band strummed, squeezed and warbled on the 13th of this month. Thank you, Slokes.

There are more photos if you really want to spend your precious time admiring our musicianly physiques and they're on the band's Facebook page - if you haven't "liked" us already, it'd be really nice if you did so.......

Gig racing photo shamelessly nicked from

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