Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Scafell Expedition Takes Shape

Well, sort of. 

Long standing readers (why don't you sit down, it'd be much more comfy) might remember my fit of enthusiasm about my up-coming half-century in which I decided to do something a bit energetic. Short standing (or little-legged) readers might want to click here to see the original post from June 2011.

Let's assume you've read (or just re-read) that post.

. . . .and now, 18 months later, things are starting to get properly planned and sorted out.

Several people have decided they're definitely coming along on the jaunt. Some of those people wanted me to organise the accommodation. Some didn't.

Today I finally got around to deciding on where to stay and then booking it. I kind of wanted to stay at the legendary Wasdale Head Inn, but they are a tad pricey and even for a 50th celebration the budget doesn't quite stretch that far. Or, more truthfully, it does but I'm being a spoilt brat this birthday and we'll need the extra for the ensuing weeks of debauchery after the Lake District expedition.

And so a small but merry throng of six will take up residence on the Millbrooker Natal Anniversary dates here:

It's a small cottage (but big enough for 3 couples to each have their own bit of space) on the edge of the village of Gosforth; about 9 miles from THE walk and about a quarter of the cost of the Wasdale Head Inn, which means the taxi fare to/from the base of Scafell Pike should be affordable.

For the curious amongst you, the cottage details are here.

Those who're coming along but organising their own places to stay - Gosforth village, with its five (FIVE!) pubs and assortment of shops, is now the target area . . . party on, dudes.

photos shamelessly nicked from
Scafell Pike from Wasdale head:
Hardingill Cottage:

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