Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Seeing in the New

The day after the night before is often one of those difficult periods of time to get through.

After the debauchery of New Year's Eve, some members of the household were in better shape than others. Mrs The Millbrooker was in fine fettle being of the sensible persuasion in terms of liquid consumption. I was a bit tired, but in no serious discomfort, having carefully paced my intake over the whole evening.

MinorEarthQwake was a tiny bit delicate, but still keen to get up and go.

The Wizzers of Sozzled was able to attain an upright stance. Just.

In the interests of the traditional post-party desire to blow away a few cobwebs; the four of us decided to head southward over the hill to Kingsand and Cawsand. We travelled separately as the aims and objectives of our respective missions were at slight variance with each other.

MinorEarthQwake and Sozzed were heading by the most direct route possible to the Rising Sun for a kill-or-cure lunch.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I were desirous of a bit of a leg stretch and trogged up Maker Lane before making the obligatory stop to take a photo at the top. Even though we've got something in the region of eight thousand photos of exactly the same view. 'Tis bloomin' 'andsome, though.

We carried on over Maker Camp . . .

. . . pausing to add to our huge collection of photos of the breakwater.

It's just possible that you've noticed that it's rained a bit lately. This influenced our decision to ignore footpath signs and follow the Earl's Drive. Definitely less muddy.

All of which is a roundabout way to (eventually) reach exactly the same place that the younger folk had reached some time before us.

If I had a humble opinion, I would use it to express the thought that it was a pretty fine way to enjoy the first day of the year. But as I generally only have unhumble opinions I'll state categorically that it was so.

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