Friday, March 08, 2013

A Haven Reopens

Way back in November (the night of the 24th to be precise) things got a tad damp down in the old D&C. 

An interim clear-up ensued with lots of people gamely joining in the task of making the place at least presentable. Well done, those fine people.

And so the pub stayed open and things muddled along much as in the antediluvian days.

Then came these last days of winter as spring gently slips in under the radar and the D&C became a hive of activity for non-imbibers as a refurbishment to befit these new post-diluvian days was undertaken. The dear old place has been out of bounds for the better part of a fortnight, but this very evening, ladies and germs - it's going to be open again. Huzzah!

In fact, as I write these vague witterings, assuming the chalk board outside the pub was correct as Mrs The Millbrooker and I sauntered past it this afternoon, it's been reopened now for very nearly two hours.

Perhaps this evening should involve a short trip along the byways of Millbrook to sample some yummy ale and celebrate the availability of the nectar of the gods in the grand Millbrookian institution on West Street after an enforced hiatus.

Chin chin.

photos shamelessly nicked from...
Liz wading behind the bar: Facebook, taken (or at least put up) by Tamsin Taylor
Clearing up at the D&C (2 photos)

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