Friday, March 08, 2013

And Some More Shots

In a continuation of the photo-a-day obsession for those of you in the back row or without a backstage pass to the Facebook page.

#6: "Chair". This is where I plonk myself of an evening. I found this subject quite difficult - how to make it even remotely interesting? In the end I opted for a slightly off-centre subject and messing about digitally with the lighting.

#7 "Fear". I got a huge reaction from both the fmsphotoaday page and from friends and family for this one. I think it was probably the explanation rather than the photo that got people going. I wasn't looking for sympathy - but it did seem appropriate as a subject given the prompt of "fear".

I wrote "I have retinitis pigmentosa (RP). I am becoming blind slowly, degree by degree. This is my left eye -  I still have some usable vision in this one (my right eye has severe distortion, so isn't much use at all); the fear is also the reality - that vision is imperceptibly leaving me even as I write."

#8 "Favourite". Each of these does a slightly different job, so choosing a favourite isn't easy, but I tried to arrange them in order with my lovely Ovation in the front at number 1.

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