Monday, April 01, 2013

And the remainder of March's Shots

To complete the series, here are the photos from last month's Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge that I haven't yet posted on these pages.

22. About You
In this case, I thought of something being all about you. And me. And everyone else for that matter.

23. What You Do For Fun.

24. Up
(The "Up Main" is the closest line to the camera, Truro station)

25. In My Drawer

26. Something You Did.
Indeed something I do most days.

27. Pair.
Millbrook's own Frankenkeith and Slocombe in the Random Arms,
they're a right pair.

28. In The Mirror.

29. Goodnight

30. Relax

31. Stuff

That's it - onward to April. If anyone wants to join in the only rules are - it's got to be your own photo that you took; it can't be of body parts that are normally clothed nor of anything produced by your bodily functions (and believe me I was tempted by the second prompt of the month "I Made This"); you must share your photo somewhere.

I share mine on the official Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day page on Facebook, on my own FB page and here. For anyone not on FB who wants to know April's prompts:

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