Monday, April 01, 2013

NooNoo Does Being Five

Was really all those many many moons ago that Shazzerooneypoos and Dong were around at Millbrooker Towers with Mrs The Millbrooker and me as the news came through that Dozybean had done what comes naturally (although somewhat painfully, I believe).

Well, as it turns out, yes it was.

I just checked the photo archives to find this from early March 2008. Dozy is definitely looking as if she's about to shed some weight quite rapidly. And doesn't Betty Slobb look young? Not that she's exactly ancient now, of course.

A mere blink of an eye later and Mrs The Millbrooker (AKA Nana) and I (AKA Dragon Lord) met the extremely tiny NooNoo for the first time.

And here we are, having barely uttered "Jack Robinson", and the wee fellow has turned five. To mark this grand occasion YarMatt arranged a bit of a do at Fort Stamford across in Plymouth, England. Fort Stamford has a health and fitness club attached to it, with a swimming pool and a kiddies party room and soft play area - perfect for a bunch of noisy short people to run and splash around in.

Meanwhile the adult contingent (at least, those who weren't directly involved in under-aged swimming) sensibly relaxed in more civil surroundings.

Swimming for small people completed and food was served in the party room; adults were cordially invited to observe.

We dutifully did so and NooNoo happily slurped his celebratory drink of something sugary at the head of the table.

Luckily there was a staff member present to deal with the aftermath of the ravening horde of five year old diners.

I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing NooNoo a very happy birthday (albeit a few days late - plus ├ža change). Now where did that half-decade go ....... ?

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