Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Photos So Far

My goodness, but what a lazy blogger I'm being. Finding time to sit and drivel is getting more and more difficult. What with the Hamoaze Band, The Lords of Misrule ceilidh band, the Morris season getting into full swing, holding down a full time job, working (albeit slowly) on a new version of Underneath the Lintel....phew.

So, almost apologetically, here's the latest collection of photos from the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day challenge that I'm enjoying so much; all from April.....

15. Alone. Mrs The Millbrooker and I breakfast separately; we just like to eat different things at that time of day.

16. Your Favourite Colour. You're almost certain to find it somewhere on this
very tasteful shirt that I bought recently.

17. Busy. The Saltash Road in Plymouth around twenty past five on the 17th.

18. Hello. Lesley Wrecker heading up Millbrooker Towers' garden path. She did, indeed,
say "Hello" about half a second after this shot was taken.

19. Button. Or, in this case, buttons - plural. At Plymouth Railway Station.
Platform 4, since you ask.

20. What's On Your Mind. I spent almost all of the 20th in Exeter at a major gathering of
Morris teams; I only took one photo all day. This is it. It's fair to say that the Morris was definitely on my mind.

21. Fire. Mrs The Millbrooker collecting kindling for that evening's fire.

22. Blurry. And furry, as it happens.
My most popular photo ever on the fmsphotoaday site with 91 "likes".

23. Time. This is at Cremyll, I pass it most days on the way to or from work.

24. I Saw This Person Today. Millbrook Lake is often used by
model boat enthusiasts. This fellow spent a happy hour this morning
on the Stone Quay. I saw him from Millbrooker Towers.

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