Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The First Christmas Card Arrives

This year's first was given to me at work by a colleague and features her son, Brandon.

I'm not a big fan of Christmas at the best of times (although I've been converted from out-and-out curmudgeon since meeting and marrying Nicky). I like carol concerts. I like Christmas morning and the big dinner. I like playing silly parlour games on Christmas afternoon. I like nipping down to the Mark of Friendship for cheeky pint on Boxing Day (actually I like that most days).


Christmas does not start in November! I can just about cope with the idea that Christmas is on its way from early December onwards. We've prepared all of our cards ready for posting and distribution, but I promise no-one will get one until at least halfway through the month, i.e. at Christmas time. If you give out cards, put up your tree, plug in your lights etc too early (unless it's some sort of one-off occasion) as seems to be increasingly the habit then what are you left with that's special? I'm no christian, but Christmas is traditionally special. Let's keep it that way, celebrate it at the right time, and not before.

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