Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quiz Night At The Mark

Last night was the monthly(ish) quiz night which Nicky & I compile and present at the Mark of Friendship.

We got a good crowd of players this time with nine teams competing.

I say we had nine teams competing, but some were competing more than others...

There were some great quotes to be taken from the night, mostly from Carole, who is half of the A2Bers team. You can see Carole beavering away in the top photo, under the electronic darts scoreboard. I think my favourite was just after I'd read the scores from round 2 and Three Stooges had scored a total of 18 out of 20. Carole looked around the room and asked "How does he know eighteen things?"

We try to set a bit of a challenge with our quizzes; we like to think they're a cut above most pub quizzes. Some of the regular players have said to us that they come to our evenings in preference to the more frequently held quiz evenings elsewhere for precisely that reason. I was disappointed with one round that I compiled last night on "The English Language", it was far too easy - three teams scored a perfect 10/10. The other rounds seemed about right, though, and I think all the teams had a decent evening out.

The A2Bers, as is normally the case came an honourable last with 33/100.

Last night's shock result was the Four Candles, previous winners, who were next to last with 58/100. (Note the gap in scores between last and next-to-last, the "A2Bers" really are there just for the craic!)

In ascending order we then had:
7th Dreamers 60/100
6th Newbies 61/100
5th Syzygy 69/100
3rd= The Little Teds & Penny Pinchers 73/100
2nd Table 17 78/100
1st Three Stooges 80/100

Penny Pinchers and Table 17 are previous winners. Table 17 were hampered last night by a local councillor whose team didn't turn up, so she joined them instead (Land Registry staff may know who this councillor is). I hold out hopes of Syzygy one day breaking through at the last minute to grab the top spot. I also hope the Dreamers and the Newbies will return for another bash at it.
Next quiz night 27th Dec 8:30pm prompt.
Hope to see you there.

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