Sunday, December 03, 2006

An increasingly rare visit..

This is Jo. She's the first-born child.
She spends most of her time these days staying with her man in Plymouth. We had the pleasure of her company for a couple of nights this week, and last night took her out for a bite to eat at the Mark of Friendship.
We're very lucky in Millbrook to have three very decent places to eat out, all within walking distance. The Mark's our usual drinking hole of choice and they do a very tasty steak and chips at a ludicrously low price. Jo's a stupid vegetarian (it's ok - "stupid vegetarian" is a term of affection, coined by her grandmother), so she had a veggie-bake. In my humble (what?) opinion, Arkwright and Jenny keep the best ale in the village. Once the pub's smoke free come 01st July next year - it'll be perfect.

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