Monday, January 15, 2007

Venturing into the D & C

No photo, because we didn't take one.

A foray into the D & C last night to sample their lovely Butcombe's ale. (Yes, I know the jokes , so I'll play along - Russell & Mark's Butcombe was delicious).

It's been some time since we've visited the ever-welcoming Dilation & Curettage and, as always, it was a pleasure. I was welcomed by a ever-so-slightly steaming Russell with a resounding "you're in the wrong pub!". It appears that several of our friends have largely migrated to the D & C for regular imbibing and we enjoyed an hour or so of inconsequential blethering with the sometime-Spanish speaking Mr Brennan and his famously quiet and unassuming missus. The Meeson Electrical Company was there in its entirety as well, and Shazzer was propping up one end of a sofa. So a jolly sociable time.

I don't know when it was completed, but the new decor looks very good, and the bar space is greatly improved by taking the pool table out of the main bar. Russell & Mark have made a huge and beneficial difference to the place. More power to their elbows. And any other part of their anatomies that they want to have more power in.

As a consequence of the visit , the sponsored shave is to be extended:

1845 at the Mark of Friendship for the main event of losing my beard and Dave losing his hair. Then what has been dubbed (thank you, Frances) the "After-Shave Parade" which I think involves D & C regulars bringing bottles of aftershave (especially Hai-Karate, Old Spice or Brut 33) and paying sponsor money to slap some on the freshly denuded chops. How did I let myself get talked into that one?

Mental notes to self:
1) visit D&C more often so Russell doesn't think we've wandered into the wrong pub next time.
2) never listen to Frances Brennan about fund raising, it might hurt.

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