Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fire at Florrick Down

You've got to feel sorry for them. We all know the bungalow itself wasn't up to much, an old timber-framed job - most suitable for demolition and starting again. But just look at the devastation.

I don't know the people who live(d) there, but the lady did attend a Parish Council meeting to explain her plans (in partnership with Dave Blow and his wife) to open a farm shop and sell their own produce and other local fare. I guess this personal disaster will set those plans back a bit, which is a pity for all of us. Best of luck to them, and I hope they're able to rebuild quickly and recover from the undoubted loss of so many personal possessions; it's not the furniture and stuff in a case like this - that can be replaced. It's the irreplaceable things: photos, old kid's toys, granny's trinket box.
Things can only improve for them from hereonin, and that's a good thing.

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