Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rob's admission

There's not been much on the way of blog postings this week - life's been busy and angrifying; much more seriously so than I usually rant on about on these pages. Enough at this point to say that August Marine, a company owned by Zhev Liberson and run by Matt Black at Southdown Marina is a very poor employer, which breaks employment law willy-nilly, ignores health & safety regulations and rips its employees off and even attempts to steal from them. Expect a full report in later postings when I've calmed down a little.

For now, all I wanted to report was this evening's admission at the dinner table from Rob, who expressed his wish to see Jungle Book (again). High culture isn't Rob's strong point. The wonderful image he conjured up, though was that whilst watching he has dressed up in orange underwear and run around pretending to be Mowgli. Rob is quite keen for his friends not to know this.

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