Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Having lunch is sooo tiring

The serially unemployed, but eminently employable (we like to think), Dozybeen joined up with us as her man was working and she was at a loose end in the afternoon on Saturday.

Nicky arrived in Plymouth by train, having been on a flying visit to her mum's and I met up with the pair of them at Jo & Matt's pad after I'd finished the stupid-o'clock shift. Once we'd collected tickets for the ballet from the Theatre Royal, we ambled to the Cremyll Ferry and took a smidge of luncheon at the Edgcumbe Arms.

The place has been with its current owners for a while now - and they're doing a grand job with the menu. One of the nicest steaks I've chomped on for a long while. Not the cheapest option, not by a long chalk as far as pub grub goes, but if the fare is good I don't mind paying.

Dozybeen collapsed into her dressygown almost as soon as we got home - and the resultant photo shows her in elegant mode.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see you, too, you bald git!

By the way, it's only Matt's pad - I just happen to have invaded for a while...!

DB. xxx