Thursday, February 22, 2007

An old favourite returns

District Councillor Mrs Murray didn't attend the Parish Council meeting this week, but she was gracious enough to send our fine body of public spirited men and women a pair of her outstanding and not-at-all self-serving leaflets.

I'm sure there were no sighs of relief from the assembled Parish Council as they realised they weren't to be subjected to another over-long and largely meaningless report of Her Highness's comings and goings at Caradon.

Sadly, my scanner isn't really powerful enough to reproduce the larger of the leaflets in a format easily readable in the blog - but you'll probably have one poked through your door any day now (unless you don't live in South-East Cornwall) - so you can laugh at its risible contents and then recycle it immediately.

I will reproduce one article from it, though. I've left it completely unaltered as well. Remember that this woman proposed the motion at Caradon which allowed planning permission to be granted for the building of the houses mentioned in the article, yet she claims, in writing, to "share the concerns" of objectors and uses the word "sadly" to describe the fact that the highways authority did not object on the grounds of insufficient infrastructure. Once again - Mrs Murray PROPOSED the motion. That's not the action of someone who doesn't really want something to go ahead. Methinks someone wants their cake and wants to gobble it all up as well.

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