Monday, August 27, 2007

Jazz in the sunshine

One of the Rame Peninsula's greats - Tony Harris on the vibes, accompanied by Dominic Woodfield on keyboard (and violin), Richard Crane (double bass) and I'm afraid I don't know the drummer's name, but he's a damned fine jazzer.

The sun shone yesterday for an open air gig in the beer garden of the D&C and Tony, as always, entertained grandly with a blend of gentle humour, timeless classic tunes and musical messing about.

The band played to decent crowd of Sunday afternoon drinkers and Tony had a few vocalists on hand to take a turn at the microphone including our own Lizzie who hadn't expected to do anything of the sort, but acquitted herself well in a completely unrehearsed version of "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails". I do have a video of this, but the chief censors office of Millbrooker Towers is checking it before I'm allowed to show anyone. I reckon it's pretty good, meself. I'm told she did another number after we'd left to go to John & Julie Elworthy's garden party and is now thinking of hooking up with Tony's band on a more permanent basis.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I have seen Tony Harris with various line-ups on several occasions now and I recommend his performances to anyone: always an air of informality, always outstanding musicianship and plenty of sly sideways-glancing humour. Great fun.

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