Sunday, September 09, 2007

Meeting up with Sis

After an absence of two hundred and fifteen point three five recurring years, The Millbrooker's sister has revisited Millbrook. She brought her man, Martyn, along as well and we've all had a whale of a time indulging in eating too much and slurping plenty of giggle juice. That's Teresa on the right in the headline photo, with Martyn reaching for his all-important pint to her left.

Sis lives near Great Malvern which is some distance from the civilisation of Millbrook, so visits either way are a bit rarer than we might like; we seem to make the most of it when we do get together, though.

The Midlanders from Malvern arrived several decades late on Friday evening after spending a few hours at a standstill on the M5 due to an overturned caravan causing what the news media will always call "motorway misery". After a good guzzle of something porky what I'd cooked, we headed to the D&C and met up with Dong & Shazzerooneypoos. Lewis the Lush had already been tipping a few back and was mumbling with a mild lack of coherence from the off; Dong gallantly played catch-up and is displaying his first three minutes worth of Pils in the photo below:

In the interests of personal fitness, we took Sis and Martyn out on a gentle stroll from Rame Head to Cawsand and back on Saturday. The sun was doing its thing and making a proper job of it, so we slowly roasted on the coast path before finding welcome shelter in Queen Adelaide's Grotto at Penlee Point. Several good ales followed at the Cawsand Bay Hotel. On the return trip, Teresa decided to demonstrate her ability at bowling. This was not an elegant moment in her life history as she attempted to impart some off-break to a crab apple we'd found on the path.

We ate the the D&C Saturday night and, naturally, Russell and Mark provided some yummy provender. Lynny and Richie "comb-over" Meeson were in evidence lurking in the darker recesses of the pub. It all got a bit much for Martyn who had to be taken home for some urgent sleeping around quarter to twelve.

On Sunday morning we headed up to Kingsand for a potter along the shore. On the Minnadhu Teresa decided to instigate an impromptu cartwheeling competition. Allow me to show you the winner in action : one Mrs The Millbrooker. Here she is executing a near perfect arc of grace and elegance.

The runner up and only other contestant, ladies and gentlemen: Teresa Everington of Great Malvern. Seen here not executing even the merest hint of an arc, graceful or otherwise.

Cheers, Sis - see you again soon!

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