Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A quick catch-up about Brittany

Brittany is lovely. It is also capable of being very damp, but it was relatively kind to us this time and we got out and about pretty well.

We spent quite a bit of our time revisiting places that we'd considered as possible spots to settle in later years once the younger generation has fluttered out of the nest and we've managed to keep them at bay with reasonable quantities of razor wire and machine gun posts. The point of this was mostly to confirm to ourselves that we didn't really want to live in any of those places at all. Nope, we just love what we're calling "The Emerald Triangle" of Berrien, Huelgoat and La Feuillee.

It's Emerald because it's probably the rainiest part of a fairly rainy part of the world so everything grows like crazy, but it just seems to feel like a potential home. We viewed an utter wreck of a house which was on sale at a ludicrously low price (about £25000) and included the best part of two acres of land, but we decided against: the house itself just wasn't big enough and there weren't any outbuildings to play with.

Anyone who wants a little nose about themselves can check the complete photo sets link at the top right of the blog site. The album is called "The house we didn't buy".

We explored Guerlesquin which is very pretty but has a whacking great abattoir almost in the town centre which they don't usually show you on the tourist brochures. Guerlesquin was duly struck off the list as a potential settling spot. Although the neighbouring town of Plougras was very nice with an excellent church to nose around, it was still possible to hear the damned abattoir (and attendant meat processing plant) in the background.

We took a good walk around Pleyben and discounted that as well. Miserable buggers aren't we?

We had a great day out climbing the Menez Hom for a wonderful panorama of the Breton countryside and coast. It was very very windy up there, and a tad chilly. Afterwards we lunched and took a walk in Camaret sur Mer - very nice spot indeed.
I was most impressed to find a grocery shop with attached bar (Dong should like that) in Ploujean.

But once again, all roads led us back the the Emerald Triangle. In a few years I expect many of you lot are going to have to come and enjoy the delights of the Monts d'Arree at whatever pad we end up buying. And I'll have to write the Daily(ish) Kerelcun or similar.

Here endeth the litany of "what I did on my holiday". Have I bored you rigid yet? If not, there's a selection holiday snaps on complete photo sets...you know how to access it by now. Move the mouse pointer over the photo to get a caption or click on a photo to enlarge.

Back to the more usual drivel tomorrow....

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