Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nigel does treating

The male progenitor of the younger Venings came for a visit on Friday just gone and very generously took the whole bunch of us (except Rob who was staying in Falmouth) to dinner at the D&C. Mrs The Millbrooker is seen above with Nigel as we awaited our starters.

Dozybean and YarMatt trekked over from the wilds of central Plymouth to join the small but very select throng. Dozybean is spending lots of time at the moment saying things like "my back hurts and I'm fat". This has a great deal to do with the ever increasing protuberance in her belly region; the internal being (AKA small blurry baby) is busily kicking like a good 'un at almost every inopportune moment. Here's a shot of the diminutive parents to be, with YarMatt managing a particularly stoned look despite smoking absolutely nothing at all and only sinking a couple of pints:
Lizzie was there, strictly telling herself to not even think about having a starter or pudding. She snaffled a main course in record time, though. She's seen below on the right sniffing hungrily at the very scrummy duck breast main course as it's handed across to Mrs The Milbrooker and me:
Russell and Mark did their usual excellent thing in the kitchen; us Millbrookians are very lucky to have a place like the D&C which serves such good food and ale without charging the earth.
A big thank you to Nigel for treating us and for then taking away the unwanted Velux windows which have been clogging up the shed for the last umpteen weeks.

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